Pacific Metal Works does not limit itself to only parts and components. With our in-house design team, testing capability and engineering experience, we have collaborated with a number of companies in developing assemblies for specific module or system manufacturing needs. Assembly of metal parts; composite to metal; stampings and plastic injection molded parts, over molded metal substrates; welding; riveting; staking, toggle lock, packaging – Pacific Metal Works is your one-stop shop for assemblies.

CV Joint Shafts

Our ISO/TS 16949:2002 certified manufacturing plant makes the best CV axles to OEMs, dealerships, auto repair shops, auto parts stores, and racing teams. For strength and performance, CV joints and axles are made through following processes: Precision rolled threads and splines Heat treated bearings, races & housing Polished seal and ground mating surfaces Optimized designs on boots, nuts and clamps

Univ Joint Propshafts

Pacific Metal Works covers the full range of universal joint propshafts from mini cars to heavy trucks with various torque capacities. We offer single, double, centered and staked Cardan joint options in addition to Aluminum, steel, and yoke options for comprehensive customization. Delivering maximum torque in an optimized configuration, our propshafts are precision engineered to reduce weight, noise, vibration and harshness.


With a core competency in metalworking, including ductile iron casting, steel forging, powder metallurgy and precision machining, Pacific Metal Works makes more than two million of differential assemblies for major OEM customers each year. Backed by flexible, high-volume global production capabilities, we provide design-to-launch solutions that reduce cost, weight, cycle time, and complexity, while improving vehicle performance.


With over hundreds of flywheel and ring gear models for automobile & tractor applications, melting capacity of 150,000 tons and quality rating of 100 ppm, Pacific Metal Works is one of the biggest flywheel manufacturers in the world to produce 3 million pieces a year. We also make stamped flexplates with torque converters for automatic transmissions.


Pacific Metal Works manufactures and distributes high-quality brake assemblies including brake rotors, drums, brake Pads, and wheel bearings for automotive, light and commercial trucks. Our most recent introduction includes steel alloy brake rotors for racing applications. Our brakes are trusted by global customers, delivering superior braking power, quiet performance, and longer rotor and pad life.


Axle carrier & tubes, bearing assemblies, brake anchors, brake calipers, cable assemblies, caliper housings, clutch modules, differential carriers, differential cases, end covers, engine bridges, engine front covers, fifth wheels, flywheel assemblies, front axles, front crossmembers, front steering knuckles, intake manifolds, king pins, landing gears, lower control arms, oil pumps, park brakes, pinion flanges, PTUs, rear axles, rear crossmembers, rear steering knuckles, rotor assemblies, rubber molded sprockets, spindles & stems, tie rods, trailer hitches, transfer cases, transmission output hubs, upper control arms, valve bodies, wheel hubs, wheel spindles.