Pacific Metal Works offers standard and custom build components to OEMs and aftermarkets. Our ISO/TS 16949 certified plants use high quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to produce axles, bearings, brackets, brake drums, couplings, flanges, gears, hitches, housings, hydraulics, pinions, pulleys, rod ends, rod eyes, shafts, spindles, steering knuckles, trunnions, wheel hubs, yokes and many others for engine, transmission, driveline and chassis etc.


Michael Wu: Pacific Metal Works makes a variety of precison gears with state-of-the-art hobbing, turning, milling, broaching and grinding machines and technologies. The high quality materials we use include carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze and other alloy metals. Gear sizes are up to 24" diameter. Tolerances are within +/- 0.0002" for turning, 0.0005" for milling, and AGMAQ14 for hobbing. Our gears are used in critical applications including: Bevel Gears Cylindrical Gears Gearboxes Helical Gears Hypoid Gears Planetary Gears Precise Forged Gears Ring & Pinion Sets Spiral Gears Spur Gears Worm Gears


Pacific Metal Works manufactures all tpes of shafts and shaft type parts. This includes shafts for automotive applications such as transmission shafts and industrial purposes such as pump shafts. Splined, pinion, plain, threaded, tapered or straight shafts, gear shafts, motor shafts... Shafts can be furnished with keyways, drilled and tapped, heat treated, ground or un-ground. Our commonly-used shafts include: Drive Shafts Forged Shafts Gear Shafts Link Shafts Sline Shafts Stub Shafts Transmission Shafts Welded Shafts Worm Shafts


Engineered for precision and durability, end yokes from Pacific Metal Works deliver OE-quality fit, performance and reliability over the long haul by minimizing noise and vibration to keep your driveline running smoothly. In addition, our driveshaft end yokes are forged from hardened steel and heat treated to endure tough conditions for all your driveline needs.


From short run to high production, from hand-held to hundreds of pounds in weight, Pacific Metal Works supplies forged and cast wheel hubs to the highest quality standards in automotive, heavy truck, and off-highway industries. Our machining, balancing, plating, paint, and even assembly capabilities allow us to produce quality wheel hubs with bearing seats, fixed or keyed bores, splined or tapered bores, and threaded holes for seamless mounting.


Hydraulic products are applied in the most diverse and severe sectors of the mobile industry and market, where quality and precision are the main factors. Our hydraulic product range composed of cylinders, valves, pumps, manifolds, clamps, fittings, and accessories are applied in large scales in the following industries and markets: Automotive Agriculture Construction Forestry Load Tooling Manufacturing


Axles, bearing caps, bearing adjusters, bedplates, brackets, brake calipers, connrods, control arms, counterweights, covers, crankshafts, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, dampers, diff. carriers, diff. cases, driveshafts, drums, endcovers, flanges, flywheels, gears, housings, hubs, inserts, knuckles, levers, links, manifolds, oil pans, pinions, pulleys, rods, rotors, shafts, sleeves, sockets, spacers, spindles, spring seats, sprockets, trunnions, univ. joints, valve bodies, yokes.