From large aluminum wheel to small steel pinion, critical forgings are made for engine, transmission, drive line, and chassis applications. Our OEM forging products include aluminum and steel steering knuckles, crank shafts and camshafts, connecting rods, net-shape or near-net-shape (precision forging) side and bevel gears, input and output shafts, flange yokes, gear blanks, ring gears, drive shafts, door hinges and many more.

Aluminum Forging

Pacific Metal Works provides high quality aluminum forgings for a wide variety of customers. Our forged aluminum is ideal for applications where performance and safety are critical, but a lighter-weight metal is needed for speed or energy efficiency. Equipped with dozens of up to 5500-ton precision screw presses, EDM and CNC machines, our forge facility got the capacity and flexibility for your aluminum forging needs.

Steel Forging

Our large forging capabilities allow us to produce almost any forging products. Equipment includes hammers 1,000- 25,000 lbs, presses 1,300-10,000 tons, and upsetters up to 15 inch flange. Material includes carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel. Heat Treat includes normalize, quench and temper, anneal, carburize, and vacuum. Pacific Metal Works has significant experience adapting existing tools as well, especially if you have a die you would like to transfer.

Cold Warm Forging

In addition to hot forging, Pacific Metal Works develops warm and cold forging technologies to produce close tolerance components around or below recrystallization temperature for desirable microstructures and mechanical properties. Cranks, struts, shafts, gears, front wheel drive tulips, constant velocity joints, universal joint crosses and special fastening hardware are currently being warm or cold forged. Our products are widely used in automotive driveline and powertrain systems.

Brass Bronze Forging

Brass and Bronze are among the most well-known families of copper-base alloys. Pacific Metal Works takes great pride in producing high-quality, closed-die brass and bronze forged parts, specifically in the areas of electrical, electronics, tools, plumbing, power generation and telecommunications markets. With an emphasis on high quality parts and components, we will design, engineer, and manufacture brass and bronze forgings to your specifications, no matter how intricate or complex.

Copper Forging

Pacific Metal Works has years of successful forging experience using raw copper material to produce welding clamps, electrical contactors and switch components. Our copper forgings also have non-magnetic properties and non-sparking characteristics that are favorable for the automotive electrical components, HVAC, aerospace, energy and defense industries. Through APQP process, we review the specs and work together with our clients to provide them with creative solutions for their unique designs.


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