Metal Forming

Metal Forming

Pacific Metal Works is your one-stop supplier for the production of metal forming components and assemblies. With volumes ranging from a few hundred to several million pieces, Pacific Metal Works will deliver the most efficient combination of tooling, automation and piece price. Blanking, roll forming, drawing, cutting, welding, machining and assembly – just a sample of the metal forming operations taking place at Pacific Metal Works.


Pacific Metal Works specializes in metal stamping, deep draw metal stamping and hot metal stamping processes for Automotive Tier 2, Aerospace, Military, Telecom, and Agriculture contract manufacturing businesses. Our capabilities include a variety of materials and stamping processes, complex kitting and assembly services, Swiss and CNC machining, insert molding, and complete turnkey product design and manufacturing.


Pacific Metal Works delivers more than a million fine blank components per month with PPM rating 5. We operate using 10 fine blank press machines in a range of 300 to 1000 tons. The most common materials used for blanking include aluminum, brass, bronze, mild steel, and stainless steel. Tooling is typically made from tool steels and carbides for higher production runs and intricate punched shapes.


Pacific Metal Works uses the latest automatic welding technology to making products faster and cheaper. Welding capabilities include MIG, TIG and resistance spot welding in robotic welding cells with turn table production efficiency. Our CMM system can offer extremely precise measurement that is conducted in a temperature-controlled environment to assure that each weldment meets the required specifications. In-house assembly service is also available.


Pacific Metal Works is the leader in the aluminum extrusion industry for several decades, with tight tolerance, thin wall complex custom shapes and profiles, along with standardized sections. Our 1350T, 2800T and 3200T forward and backward extruders yield 100,000T products annually. Secondary operations such as fabrication, high tolerance cutting, and finishing allows us to provide a combined solution you are looking for.

Roll Forming

As a flexible, responsive and cost-effective alternative to stamping and extrusion processes, our roll forming is well-suited for even the most complex shapes while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Typically coiled steel, we handle a wide range of metals including aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper and HSLA with thickness from .010" to .375". In-line processes and capabilities include welding, punching and notching etc.


Arc welding, bending & forming, blanking, brazing & soldering, cutting, deep drawing, die forming, expanding, extrusion, fastening & joining, flange forming, hydroforming, indenting, lubrication, paint/plating, plate & structural fab, powder coating, punching, recessing, resistance welding, roll forming, shearing & notching, spining, stamping, stretching, thermal spraying, tool & die, tooling, tube & pipe producing, upset bulging.