Powder Metal

Powder Metal

Pacific Metal Works has specialized in powder metal manufacturing & metal injection molding since 1966. We are known for being able to provide complex parts made from PM & MIM processes for automotive's variable valve timing, variable cam timing, transmission and chassis systems as well as parts for motorcycles, refrigeration and air conditioning compressors, power tools, household appliances. We stay current with advanced technology and equipment to produce high-quality PM & MIM parts at very competitive prices.

PM Process

At Pacific Metal Works, we apply the science and technology of Powder Metallurgy to provide component solutions with distinct advantages for a variety of applications. Capacity of presses range from 12 tons to 850 tons single level and multi-action presses allowing up to a 7 levels part. We offer a wide variety of materials and alloy systems such as high-performance steel and fully dense copper.

MIM Process

Pacific Metal Works is a world-wide company offering powdered metal injection molding to produce complex near-net parts with superior mechanical properties resulted from fine particle size and high sintered density. With high volume production capability through multi-cavity tooling, we can produce MIM parts in a short time at a lower cost especially for the small parts less than 150 grams in weight.